For a young woman, no other birthday carries more significance and symbolism than the day she turns 15 years old. The 15th birthday is so important that it has become a holiday of sorts for friends and family members.

Large parties attended by dozens of people make the celebration even more compelling.

At Cabrera Photography, our goal is to make your daughter’s 15th birthday one she will remember for decades to come. Our team of special event photographers specializes in shooting the highest quality photos at Quinceañera celebrations.

For us to deliver the finest photos that capture the festive move of a Quinceañera event, we would like to offer a few tips to help you prepare for the biggest day of your daughter’s life.


Pick a Date In Advance

If you get anything out of this article, it should be that the more you prepare for a Quinceañera event, the more likely the party will go off without any major issues. We recommend selecting a date about six months before the event.

Location is Huge

You might have heard the timeless adage of never putting the cart before the horse. The timeless adage applies to the location of your Quinceañera bash. We recommend selecting a location and then creating a theme around where you want to hold a special event. For example, if you decide to hold a Quinceañera party on one of the countless beaches in the Houston area, the theme of your Quinceañera party can be focused on the sea.

What Time of Day?

For Quinceañera photography, you want to shoot the photos during the times of the day when the sun is at peak illumination. This is important because you have more time to select from during the months from early April until late October. Although shooting photos near sunrise or sunset sounds visually appealing, the fact remains the lack of sunlight can diminish the quality of the photographs.


Wear the Right Attire 

Many online resources explain the proper attire to wear for a Quinceañera photography session. We recommend staying away from extremely bold logos and patterns. The goal of a Quinceañera shoot is to highlight the beaming smile of your daughter, not the latest design trends for teen clothing.

Let Nature Be the Props

We are not shooting a major Hollywood production. Once again, your daughter is the star of the party and we want to minimize artificial props to focus on her best poses. Natural props, such as towering trees and verdant bushes, are excellent ideas to complement the star of the show.

Do You Need a Makeup Artist?

Many moms opt to do the makeup for their daughters, which is fine if you can control how much makeup you apply. Once again, natural is because we want to capture your daughter’s natural beauty. If you decide to go with a makeup artist, ask our Quinceañera photography expert for one or two recommendations.

Practice Makes Perfect

At least one dry run of different poses is a good idea before the Quinceañera photography event. Your daughter can try different poses and our Quinceañera photography expert can help you decide which poses generate the most photogenic pics.

Contact Cabrera Photography

Where does Cabrera Photography fit within the planning process for a Quinceañera photography shoot? We can help you plan every step of the process, from picking a date for the shoot for determining what is appropriate to use for props. Our Quinceañera photography company operates throughout greater Houston, from the shores along the Gulf of Mexico to vast natural splendor surrounding The Woodlands. Contact us today at (939) 718-6623 or by sending us an email at infocabreraphotovideo.com





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