Taking family photographs produce several benefits. From capturing lifelong memories to brighten the ambience of a prominent room, portraits of families are one of the most common types of photographs the professionals at Cabrera Photography takes.

We also want to emphasize the importance of taking kids portraits.

Did you know that portraits of children play an important role in their emotional development? Enhanced self-esteem is just one reason why we recommend kids photography.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Most children grow emotionally by what they see, not by what they hear. Children are highly visual by nature and when they see a portrait of themselves, the photos give them a sense of importance. Some studies place the improvement of self-esteem by as much as 33% after participating in a child photography session.

Customized Fond Memories

At Cabrera Photography, we do much more than taking ordinary portraits. We will spend the time needed to review your kid’s likes, interests, and shining personality attributes. Then, we will suggest a customized portrait poses that best capture the essence of your child.

A Strong Sense of Community

Children want to belong, and there is not a better way of establishing a strong sense of belonging than by having portraits taken by an accomplished team of kids photography professionals. Photographs that include other children are an excellent way to develop a strong sense of community.

Safe and Secure

Most children feel safer in places where other people celebrate their accomplishments and unique personalities. Photographs that capture your child’s finest moments will help him or she feel safer and more secure at home, as well as at school and social events held outside of your home.

When are the Best times for Kids Photography?

We are often asked when the best times are for kids photography. It starts with baby pics and eventually moves one to capture the most important moments of adolescence.

Baby Pics

From rocking slowly to sleep to playfully interact in a crib, baby pics will produce many “Aw” moments. A professional photographer is by far the best option for capturing the magic of baby pics.


Birthday Parties

Nothing beats the joy of capturing your child opening a birthday present or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Birthday party photographs will endure in the family album for the rest of your child’s life.

School Photos

One of our specialties is taking class photographs at school. We know how to relax students enough to feel comfortable in front of a camera. If you are an educator in search of a professional kids photographer for your school, Cabrera Photography has established a strong record of delivering high quality class portraits.


Speaking of school, graduation is one of the most popular special events where we take child photographs. We will capture your child tossing his or her cap, as well as the moment when your child receives his or her diploma. Graduation photos will be an integral part of your family album.

Family Reunions

Family reunions represent a prime opportunity to get the entire family in front of a camera. The special events are also great opportunities to capture kids doing what kids do best: Having a great time. For your next family reunion, work with Cabrera Photography to get the best kids and family portraits.

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