What is the most effective way for your company to reach more customers? Does it involve developing a compelling social media marketing strategy? Is focusing on improving customer service a top priority?

Will you have to rebrand your company to reach more customer prospects?

Although all of the strategies for getting more customers on board are excellent ways to increase sales, you first have to get your foot in the door by making a positive first impression.

How can you accomplish the goal of making a positive first impression?

The answer is by hiring a highly rated company that specializes in corporate photography?


What is Corporate Photography?

If you asked 10 professionals covering a wide variety of industries to define corporate photography, you would probably get 10 different answers. In its most basic form, corporate photography represents any type of visual presentation that companies use to promote their brands, as well as their products and services.

At Cabrera Photography, we customize the images and videos we take for clients that match unique marketing needs. We do everything from documenting corporate social events to creating visual content your company can use in its weekly newsletter to subscribers.

How Your Company Can Benefit from Corporate Photography

How can your company benefit from hiring a professional team of photographers that help companies grow their customer bases? Let us count the ways.

Sell Products and Services

It is not enough to write a 100-word description of each product and service your company provides. Consumers act on what they see, and when they see your products and services sparkle on the company website or on a social media page, they will be much more likely to buy the products and/or services.

Special Events

Your company most likely participates in several special events throughout each year. From business conferences to industry trade shows, you should put your company’s best foot forward by greeting attendees with visually appealing photographs that enhance your brand’s image. Trade shows are an especially important venue to promote your company. At Cabrera Photography, we will shoot the highest quality photographs that will make a positive lasting impression on potential customers.

Training Programs

Your company devotes plenty of financial resources to developing each member of your high achieving team. Some parts of the training programs require the use of images and videos to get certain points across. An experienced photography services company will make sure the images and videos you shoot for training videos are of the highest quality.

Bio Pics

They say a picture says a thousand words. For company bios, taking a high quality headshot to place at the top of the bios will say 1,000 positive words. Corporate photography for headshots is an important benefit for ensuring your company creates the most positive first impression.

Where to Shoot Corporate Photographs?

Of course, taking still and moving pictures of the office is an effective way to promote your brand in the community. Nothing beats the action shot live inside of a corporate headquarters. However, the accomplished corporate photography professionals at Cabrera Photography think outside of the box when it comes to helping our clients expand awareness of their brands.

We shoot photos outdoors at places that allows your team to express the joy of working for your company. This can involve catching the action unfold during a company softball game or filming the entire sequences of events at the annual holiday party. We can capture the camaraderie of a corporate retreat, as well as shoot stills at a company charity event that you want to publicize on the corporate website.

Contact Cabrera Photography

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